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Jan 23

NO PLAY,NO PAY (2) Health for a gigging musician.


NO PLAY NO PAY(series)…Health for a gigging musician. (Neil Shaw-Hulme) Today’s post is a guest post from NEIL SHAW-HULME. Neil hails from Bollington in Cheshire, the happy valley.He is a vocalist and multi instrumentalist who specialises in saxes. I got to know Neil through twitter, and he has consistently commented on my posts. His comments have …

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Jan 15


NO PLAY, NO PAY. A LOOK AT MUSICAL HEALTH. Unless we play in a military band,or professional orchestra or are employed as a music teacher by an institution, we as working musicians are SELF EMPLOYED That means NO PLAY, NO PAY. In many ways we are just like sports men and woman. A lot of what …

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Jan 08


PAYING ATTENTION TO DETAILS. To make a living as a gigging musician, I don’t need to be the most talented musician in my town, I need to be the best. I’m not the best by playing the best guitar solo, or being the hottest sax player, or being the most amazing vocalist. I’m the best …

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