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In The Key Of The Moment Documentary

In The Key Of The Moment Documentary

This is a documentary on a truly amazing recording session. The band OPEN HANDS are commissioned by a radio show NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WEEKEND. The only instructions are to play a variety of styles of music, and incorporate the famous NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC theme tune. So here goes…In The Key Of The Moment Documentary

My all time favorite band is a jazz fusion band  called KOINONIA. I feature them in this weeks VIDEO OF THE WEEK http://saxaxeman.com/vide/koinonia-goodbye-means-god/ I must have listened to them everyday in my late teens and twenties. (1984 till 94/95) In my humble opinion they have to go down in history as on of the greatest jazz fusion band of all time. As individual musicians, they too, have to be some of the greatest of all times.

The core members of KOINONIA now work with a keyboard player called Greg Mathieson, and call themselves OPEN HANDS. This documentary supports my opinion.

There are very few bands or musicians in the world who have the ability to record LIVE, DIRECT TO HIGH RESOLUTION DIGITAL 2 TRACK. WIth NO WRITTEN MUSIC or REHEARSAL. Just an agreement on the key, (hence the title IN THE KEY OF THE MOMENT) the style of the music and a rough agreement who would take the lead and order of solos. No overdubs, or fixing in the mix. What you hear is what they played in the moment.

This is SPONTANEOUS MUSIC at its best. It requires phenomenal musicianship, and it helps that these guys have been playing together for so long, that they know what the other is thinking.




In The Key Of The Moment Documentary,National Geographic Weekend, OPEN HANDS, KOINONIA


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