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The HEARSAFE HS-ER 20 hearing protectors product slogan is LISTEN FOR A LIFETIME.

I started playing the Highland Bagpipes at 13 years old. Very often the pipe band would rehearse in the class room. My ears would would roar with the sheer volume, and then would ring for quite a while after the rehearsal. It’s quite obvious my history of hearing loss began then.

Now at 47 years old, with nearly 30 years as a professional musician, I’m very aware of how my hearing has deteriorated, especially over the last couple of years. I have never been a Rocker, and have never been a loud musician. Over the years I can remember several occasions when the venue asked me to turn up. Most of my work now is with a senior audience. Getting the volume right for this audience is key.

So its not the volume I’m working at. Its the time that I’m exposed to sound. Several hours rehearsal a day, plus several hours an evening at the gig,

The hearing loss is very evident when I’m in a noisy room, and I struggle to hear people talking. Also as a father, when the children are being normal energetic children, I really struggle with the volume levels.

Me wearing hearing protection

Me wearing hearing protection


I’ve recently taken the decision that I’m going to be using HEARING PROTECTION during rehearsals, at the gigs, and every time I play the bagpipes. Hopefully its not too late, and I can still save the hearing that I still have.



The Hearsafe HS-ER 20 hearing protectors

The Hearsafe HS-ER 20 hearing protectors




I ordered a pair from Thomann, (This is our big online music store in Europe) and have religiously worn them now for about a month.

They come with a little box, which goes into my pocket with my plectrums, and the lanyard is also very useful. The product stats says that it should reduce the volume by 16db, and that the one size should fit most ears.

The useful box

The useful box

THEY DO TAKE SOME GETTING USED TO. At first it feels like you have wads of cotton wool in your ears. I felt a little out of my GIG COMFORT ZONE. However I had made the decision that I needed hearing protection, and I would persevere regardless.

My suggestion is that you start by using them in rehearsals first. At the gig I would suggest that you start the gig without them, have the lanyard around your neck, and once you have started the gig and have got comfortable slip them in.

They certainly do the job of reducing the volume. Sound quality is reasonable. I’m a little disappointing with the higher frequencies, but they are a budget earplug. I paid 24 Euros.

One month down the line I’m pretty comfortable with them in my ears. My ears don’t feel tired all the time. I played the bagpipes at a Remembrance day parade the other day. My ears didn’t hurt while playing the bagpipes. But the best thing is I’M A BETTER FATHER, and not so grumpy with the children.


When I started playing music, there wasn’t an awareness of the dangers of being exposed to sound, and hearing loss. Today there has been so much research on the subject, and there are so many good hearing protection products for musicians.If you think that wearing earplugs doesn’t look cool, tough. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. Our hearing as musicians is the most important thing we have.

If you as a musician, don’t use hearing protection, I would strongly suggest that you should start. And then SPREAD THE WORD: Hearing loss is avoidable. LISTEN FOR A LIFETIME.


The following video goes into a bit more technical detail about hearing loss.



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