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My last post BEING LATE IS JUST RUDE attracted some interesting comments on twitter. There was one in particular from Neil Shaw Hulme that absolutely summed up what I’ve been saying  in my posts about PAYING ATTENTION TO DETAIL .Here is Neil’s comment:

I always remember Goff Richard’s first words in big band. BE ON TIME, BE DRESSED CORRECTLY, BE COURTEOUS, BE SUCCESSFUL.

Thank you Neil. If you follow me on twitter, do keep an eye on Neil´s comments, as they are always relevant and constructive, and obviously come from somebody who has been AROUND THE BLOCK a few times. Do also check out his website neilshawhulme.com



I posted  BEING LATE IS JUST RUDE last Tuesday, and since then starting on time each night has been quite a challenge. This time of year most of my audiences are repeat customers here for the month. They all want to have a chat and a catch up before I start. As a hotel musician you are not just a musician/entertainer, you are a SOCIAL HOST. If you are a good social host, good at remembering their names, welcoming people back, taking time to have a bit of a chat, your audience is very likely to be very receptive to you once you start your music. The bosses don’t notice how good a social host you are, they notice if you START ON TIME. Make sure you have arrived early enough to have the chat with your audience, and still have enough time to set up and start on time.

If you struggle to be punctual here is a suggestion that might help. Make yourself ACCOUNTABLE to a good friend.  On a weekly basis report back to the friend on how successful or unsuccessful you have been that week on staring on time.



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