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In my Twitter profile it says that the SAXAXEMAN blogs about LIFE AS A GIGGING MUSICIAN . This week I would like to highlight some of the highs and lows, and emotions of being a gigging musician.
First of all it must be said that to make a career as a gigging musician is not for somebody looking for an easy life. Also if you want to be rich financially, you have chosen the wrong career.
For me it is not VACATION but a VOCATION. I love my work, and particularly the one on one interactions I have with hotel guests.

Over the years one of the real highlights of being a gigging musician, is that I have been able to see and experience some awesome parts of the world. In a recent blog I DID A GIG IN A PICTURE POSTCARD, I explore this subject in more detail.


While in Austria this summer with my family, we were staying at Pension Köfler in Tirol. This is also PICTURE “POSTCARDY.” On a Sunday afternoon I was doing the gig in the garden of Pension Köfler. The thing I enjoyed most about this gig was having Sunday night free and SAVORING the feeling of finishing work and being able to disconnect, relax and unwind.

Sunday afternoon gig at Pension Köfler,Austria.

Sunday afternoon gig at Pension Köfler,Austria.

This is something I have really struggled with as a musician. Daytime hours are usually taken up with the business side of the music or rehearsals. Then out to gigs in the evenings. When I get home from gigs I try to unwind (usually unsuccessfully) by watching some T.V. I often end up eating something as a sort of psychological reward system, which is not a good thing as I’ve always been susceptible to putting on weight.

In all the years of being a musician I can very seldom remember having week-ends free. In the few years that I didn’t work as a musician, I was a Pastor in an Evangelical church,so once again no week-ends.

This is probably the most difficult area for me as a gigging musician, so when I do manage to capture the feeling of disconnecting relaxing and unwinding I really do savor it.

From the family point of view there are some really nice things about the life of a gigging musician.
I get to eat 3 meals a day with my family. This is a privilege not many dads have in this day and age.


My son's first recording session aged 2

My son’s first recording session aged 2

When I rehearse my children will very often come down to my studio. They will join in the rehearsal with their toy musical instruments and microphones.
The real highlight of the day is going off to work. This has developed into quite a ritual. My wife and 2 children come down to the garage with me. As I drive off,they all wave madly, and the children shout…ADIOS, BYE BYE, TSCHÜSS!


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