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The last post was entitled THE GOLDEN ERA OF SAX, and looked at the use of sax in popular music since the advent of Rock ‘n Roll in the 50’s, but specifically focusing on the 1980″s as the GOLDEN ERA OF SAX.

You will notice in today’s title THE GOLDEN ERA OF GUITAR? I follow the title with a question mark.

To quote R+B singer Ruth Brown. ” R+B became Rock ‘n Roll when white kids started to dance to it.”

Very early on in the Rock “n Roll era people like Little Richard were playing simple but profound guitar riffs in their music, very quickly establishing guitar as the ┬ádominant instrument in the era. Buddy Holly then firmly established guitar as the instrument of choice in the era.

Right up to today guitar has been the dominant instrument in popular music. There have been so many great and influential guitarists in the last 55/60 years, that in a post like this I could never hope to do the history of popular guitar justice.

However ALEX CHADWICK in this next fun video really does the history of modern guitar justice by playing 100 Riffs ine one take.

Great job Alex.



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Great job Alex.

So in conclusion has there been a GOLDEN ERA OF GUITAR? Yes. We are still in it.

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