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Last week’s blog COLD CALLING MARKETING FOR MUSICIANS received a really nice reaction with the comments. (It is always nice when readers leave comments) My friend Dieter Uken left a comment that his form of marketing was WOM  ( WORD OF MOUTH) This prompted Leslie and Martin to comment on his comment,and hence today’s blog.

It is worth going back to the blog  just to read the comments,as ALL comments left were worthwhile.

To quote from from  Martin’s comment:


I think that this is why Dieter Uken can survive (and thrive) on just WOM. I’ve known Dieter 15 years now.  15 years ago we were both resident entertainers at the Royal Swazi Spa hotel and Casino in Swaziland. By that stage Dieter had already been doing the Sun International hotel/casino circuit for several years. Already in those days he was the compère/host of choice in the Southern African hotel/casinos. He was always very professional, and his music was always well rehearsed and presented. The hotel/casinos often host the big corporate events of big business. This is where Dieter thrived and built his reputation.

The point is Dieter didn’t get LUCKY. He worked very hard,and consistency and professionalism brought him to the point that WOM is all the marketing he needs. (WOM  is working for him again as I write this blog)


This should be our goal in marketing: Getting to the point where WOM is all the marketing we need.
In the mean time we need to use cold calling marketing and all of the social media at our disposal. We need to work hard honing our product and be consistent and professional. To quote from Dieters comment  “Do the gig as best we can every time, in time and on time.”……and eventually we come to the point where WOM is all the marketing we need.

Once we have reached this point I would suggest then our most important tool we need is a business card with contact details, for when people approach us at gigs.

I have lived quite a few years now in Spain, so my reputation is pretty well established. I very seldom do cold calling marketing.

However in Austria, this is only my second summer, so I am back to using cold calling marketing as the main form of marketing. Having said that it doesn’t take long for WOM to start working.

To end today’s blog,I would like to take another quote from Martin’s comment:

“Things like being a crack musician, being on time, putting on a fun show, looking the part – all those fall under the category header “REASONS TO TALK ABOUT YOU” In other words, it’s the stuff that makes you remarkable. Take that word literally. YOU WANT PEOPLE TO REMARK ABOUT YOU TO OTHERS.”.



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  1. Martin

    I don’t agree completely, Patrick. Yes we always want to get to the point where WOM is all we need, but only few of us achieve that. 99% will always have to keep using other marketing methods.

    If Dieter needs nothing else, there are two things at play: First, he did everything right for years (appearance, repertoire, study, attitude, perseverance and so on.

    Secondly, he got lucky. I’m not saying a musician will always be forced to cold-call, but he or she will have to continue marketing in some way or other. That’s why I think it’s better to just get used to it from the start.

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