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Paying your dues is a term that was constantly used in the eighties when I was staring out in the music business. Unfortunately its a term that you don’t hear any more.
We live in the day and age of big TV talent competition with instant stardom and success.  The Simons and the Garys are so quick to tell people they are rubbish, You cant sing.  Wouldn’t it be nice to hear them say  “You have some good raw talent. Why don’t you get some lessons.  Practice real hard.  Get yourself into a band.  Do as many gigs as you can, and then come back in a couple of years and try again.”
In other words “Pay your dues”  Do whatever it takes to reach your goal.

Patrick Wight Paying his dues

Patrick Wight Paying his dues

Instead you have them slagging off experienced entertainers with comments like  “We can see you have picked up some bad habits in the clubs” or “You will only ever be a wedding singer” or “You sound like a cabaret singer” or “You sound like a cruise ship singer” As though these places are the dregs of the barrel of the entertainment world. These are the very places that they need to be encouraging the young singers and musicians to be getting experience. Lets be honest, we would never have the Beatles if it wasn’t for clubs like the Cavern.  How many gigs did they do before they were noticed?
There is nothing wrong with earning a good honest living by singing in clubs, bars, hotels, cruise ships and weddings. There is integrity in working hard as a musician to feed your family. Besides these are the places where you learn your craft and get life experience.

I’m proud to say Ive been paying my dues for the last 30 years, and continue to pay then on a daily basis.

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  1. Sandra

    Very well written,
    I agree with all points raised. You would make a great judge yourself.
    Thank you for your common sense.
    This has inspired me to prescribe to your blog.

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